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Purchase a Rankmaster website marketing package
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SES - Search Engine Submissions

Traditional marketing methods are essential to the success of any business and likewise apply to websites. A website can provide additional customers through the Internet but only when it can be found.
A website can only be found online once it has been announced to the world.

Website visitors come from several places; Traditional 'Offline' advertising, Search Engines, email mailshots, and links from other websites.

Getting listed with the most important search engines and achieving a high position in search results can take a long time. This is usually a minimum of 6 weeks with periods of 3 to 6 months not being uncommon.
This is largely dependent on the individual search engine. It is possible to pay the search engine for a faster listing.

Cyber Creative has developed an effective system for marketing websites online. Our process has proven very successful for our clients. Our Website marketing package covers a period of one year.

The Process

To find a website, a web user will normally use a search engine using a word that best describes what they are looking for. Search engines have very complex formulas for determining which websites are most relevant to a particular search word or keyword. It is therefore important to identify which group of keywords your customers are likely to use.

We first concentrate on the pages of the website and prepare them so that search engines will find them relevant to the clients keywords. The main page of the website is then submitted using an industry standard
automated program to around 300 search engines and directories depending on relevance. The search engines are constantly changing how their index websites. The software we use has a knowledge base updated by the authors with the latest search engine information.

We then go back and submit by hand to the main search engines, directories and those that do not allow automatic submissions. We also look for specialised search engines and websites of relevance that will
link to yours.

Each submission is regularly monitored. If a website has not been listed with a particular search engine we will re-submit it.

Once listed we monitor the position of the website in search results using the clients keywords. We may re submit the website several times during the year and in some cases make changes to the pages to improve
position ranking.

We also monitor your server statistics (where available) and analyse your website traffic. You will receive a report every second month detailing submission progress, search engine positioning and website traffic details.

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